School Governance

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School Governance

School governance refers to the system of policies and practices that are in place to manage and operate a school. It involves the leadership and decision-making processes of the school, including the roles of trustees, board of governors, and other key individuals such as the principal and teachers. Good school governance is essential for the smooth running and success of the school, as it helps to ensure that the needs and interests of all stakeholders are taken into consideration.


Mr S Cavanagh (Chair)
Rev. R. McAleer
Rev. M.McVeigh
Rev. P Hannigan
Mrs S Stewart
Mr A O’Brien
Mr A O’Neill

Board of Governors

Trustee Representatives:
Mrs F O’Hagan (Chair)
Mrs G Mulholland
Mr C Morgan
Mr M Mulgrew

Department Representatives:
Mr M McLernon
Mrs A Moriarty
Mr J Mitchell

Parent Representative:
Mrs L Toner

Teacher Representative:
Mr P Ferran

Secretary and Principal:
Mr C Holmes