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The Academy uniform is designed to be practical, smart, comfortable, affordable and easily available. Wearing the correct uniform shows commitment and pride in being an Academy pupil and is clearly associated with our high standards, expectations and school ethos.

 All pupils must have:

  • School blazer (blazers must be worn, not carried or kept in schoolbags);
  • School clip on tie. The tie must also be worn on the journey to and from school;
  • Years 8-12 long sleeved blue school blouse/shirt. Short sleeved blue shirt/blouse may be worn in September, May and June;
  • Years 13 & 14 long sleeved white school blouse/shirt. Short sleeved white shirt/blouse may be worn in September, May and June;
  • School V-neck jumper;
  • Plain black leather shoes (boots, ‘sling-backs’, mules, trainers and so on are not permitted). Heel height must not exceed 2.5cm;


  • Navy pleated, knee-length skirt (school regulation only and worn correctly; not modified) with navy tights. Navy socks (ankle/trainer/sports socks are not permitted) may be worn in September, May and June;


  • Plain black trousers (regular-fit, worn correctly so that the hem sits neatly on the shoe; skinny trousers are not permitted). Trousers should be worn with plain black socks (ankle/trainer/sports socks are not permitted);
  • If a scarf is worn, only the school scarf is acceptable;
  • Outdoor jacket: navy waterproof jacket with the school crest may be worn over, not instead of, the blazer; no other outdoor garment or ‘fleece’ will be permitted;
  • Hair accessories should be in keeping with the school uniform.

PE Uniform

  • School crested football shirt, shorts and socks are essential items of PE uniform;
  • Trainers, football boots, swimwear and mouth guards to be worn when required.

*Other Academy-branded sportswear items such as kitbags and hooded tops are optional.

**Academy-branded navy leggings/tracksuit bottoms may be worn in KS4 & KS5 only.

When purchasing any item of uniform, the school recommends trying it on to make sure that it fits appropriately and conforms to the school’s requirements. Should you have any concerns regarding uniform, please contact Mrs O McVey, Uniform Co-ordinator.

MFC St Patrick’s Academy PE kit: https://link.mfc-sports.com/teamwear/code/OMV020

Closing date: Monday 7th August 2023

Orders placed by this date will be delivered by Mid-September.


O'Neills St Patrick's Academy PE Kit: Compulsory Garments - St. Patricks Academy Dungannon - Schools - Education - Shop By Team (oneills.com)

Delivery is within 3/5 days off order.

Make-up: Pupils in Years 11 to 14: may wear light foundation but no other make-up is allowed.

Years 8 to 10 inclusive: make-up should not be worn.

Students should not wear false tan, eye make-up, acrylic/gel nails and nail polish. Students who do not adhere to these rules will be asked to make appropriate adjustments in line with the uniform policy. Repeated instances of non-compliance will be referred to the teacher in charge of uniform.

Hair Styles: Hair should be clean, neat and tidy. Only natural hair colours are permitted. Speedlines, tracks and other partially-shaved styles are not permitted. Boys should be clean shaven at all times.

Jewellery: One pair of stud earrings, one in each ear lobe (due to health and safety regulations, no hoops or drop earrings permitted). No other facial or body piercings are permitted. Pupils who already have piercings will be asked to remove them or will be referred to the Uniform Co-ordinator. One chain and one plain ring will be allowed.

Additional jewellery or hats, scarves, ties, hooded tops etc. that breach uniform regulations will be confiscated for parental collection.

Tattoos are not permitted.


Pupils and parents/carers are required to make themselves aware of St Patrick’s Academy Uniform Policy and Regulations. Parents/carers will be expected to sign their child’s planner in September to indicate their awareness and agreement with the policy.


Financial assistance is available through the Education Authority’s Clothing Allowance Scheme for some pupils towards the cost of school uniform. The eligibility criteria are the same as those used for free school meals. Please contact the Principal’s Secretary at St Patrick’s Academy for information.


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