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Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology


With investment in low-carbon technologies and the green economy on the rise, employers will need a workforce with the right skills and knowledge to take advantage of this growth. This GCE is fresh, contemporary and relevant to both pupils and employers. It is a science-based qualification, designed to enhance pupils’ understanding of environmental and sustainability issues. It promotes the application of this knowledge in practical industry-based scenarios and assessment tasks.


Environmental Technology will help you to make informed decisions and choices in everyday life. You can study Environmental Technology with a variety of other subjects. This can lead to a range of opportunities in higher education or a rewarding career.

Environmental Technology


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This course focuses on looking at technological solutions to the energy and environmental problems facing the world today. It highlights the need to manage our planet’s resources more effectively and explores how our society will make the transition to a more sustainable way of living. This specification allows opportunities for you to:


  • develop your interest in science and technology along with an enthusiasm for environmental action;
  • appreciate how science and technology can contribute towards a sustainable economy and society


Topics covered include:


  • finding out about the impact of declining fossil fuel supplies and consider the options for reducing global dependency on crude oil
  • researching renewable energy sources and evaluating the technical, environmental and economic aspects of the energy output from wind, solar and biomass
  • examining a range of new and existing technologies and management systems that have the potential to support society’s move towards a more sustainable way of living
  • Consider the sustainability performance of a building and apply the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) system to a specific construction


You will also have opportunities to apply the knowledge and understanding that you have gained to a practical context. At AS Level and A Level, you will be required to submit a technical report, relating to a realistic scenario task. This will involve desktop research, practical investigation and discussion & recommendations.