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Learning Support

Extensive Support System

We have an extensive support system in place to help support learners’ needs across the curriculum in all key stages. Our aim is to support each student so that they can achieve and exceed their potential and we have numerous support programmes in place for this purpose. Our school ethos emphasises the importance of inclusion and this includes removing any barriers to learning that may exist for our students. We adopt a whole school approach towards the early identification of, and provision for, those children who are facing such barriers.


If you are a parent and have any questions about how we can support your son/daughter’s learning, please contact the relevant Assistant Senior Teacher.


  • Year 8-10 (KS3)- Mrs K Mullin
  • Year 11-12 (KS4)- Mrs S Donnelly
  • Year 13-14 (KS5)- Mrs H Guilfoyle


In Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 each year group completes a ‘Learning to Learn’ programme designed to develop the ways they learn both in the classroom and at home. PD and careers lessons also explore key areas of learning such as time management, learning styles, coping with the demands of school life and healthy learning habits.


We also have a number of bespoke mentoring support programmes in numerous subjects across the curriculum and these can be tailored to meet the individual needs of learners, regardless of what stage they are on in their own learning journey.


Teacher-led initiatives place a significant role in helping promote learning and these continue throughout term time during lunch times and afterschool.


We also have a dedicated Learning Mentor Teacher who is in school every Thursday. Students can receive one-to-one support focusing on learning strategies, organising notes, classwork and homework as well as support with revision techniques suitable for different curriculum areas.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns you wish to discuss further.

SEN Support

Child Centred Approach

In St. Patrick’s Academy, we adopt a child-centred approach where all learners are encouraged, supported, challenged and valued. This includes meeting the needs of our students with Special Educational Needs, so they can overcome any barriers to their learning, achieve their potential academically, while also ensuring their development physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Knowing and understanding the needs of each of our learners is paramount, and our SEN team liaises with our young people, parents and staff to implement strategies to support the developing and changing needs of the individual. Every member of staff shares responsibility for supporting our students with Special Educational Needs, to ensure their full access to the curriculum, to foster their sense of self-worth and well-being, while also developing their resilience to adapt to an ever-changing society.


In St. Patrick’s Academy, our Learning Support Coordinator (SENCo) manages the SEN provision within the school and liaises with relevant outside agencies as appropriate. Pupils who have been identified as having a Special Educational Need will be added to the school’s SEN Register and will benefit from additional support, as appropriate. For pupils with Special Educational Needs, an Individual Education Plan (IEP)/Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) will be created to support them. Pupil progress will be closely monitored, and targets reviewed on a regular basis, in partnership with parents.