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Spiritual Growth

Lived & Living Faith

As a Catholic school, our aim is that the pupils in our care are nurtured in ‘a lived and living’ faith. We endeavour to provide spiritual nourishment which is meaningful and enhancing in the face of ever-increasing materialism and the erosion of traditional values.


The school strives to work in harmony with the Church and with parents to help to create and sustain a vibrant sense of spiritual awareness in our young people. Programmes include promoting active participation in assemblies, collective worship, retreats, fundraising for charity and community work, together with frequent visits from our school chaplain.

School Counselling

Holistic Development

Our school has a long tradition of providing for the holistic development of our students. Part of this is to provide access to independent, confidential counselling for young people at times of crisis, decision-making and significant change.


The overall aim of such provision is to support young people’s empowerment in taking responsibility for positive action in their lives. The counselling service is independent, confidential, young-person-centred and informal.

Pastoral Care

Connect with Peers

All Key Stage 3 pupils have a Wellbeing period on their timetable. This is a time for pupils to connect with their peers, to unwind, to prepare for assessments or go on the Academy 1K walk. From January 2023, pupils will receive training in CPR and use of a defibrillator through the Community of Lifesavers Education Programme.


In addition, we have a HEADSTRONG committee made up of Year 14 pupils, working with Cycle Against Suicide’s school programme. The committee encourage their peers to Be Brave, Reach Out and Speak Up through campaigns including assemblies on peer pressure, the creation of a ‘Wellbeing Wall’ and organising a static cycle fundraiser. We invest a lot of time and energy into our pastoral care provision to ensure the personal development and well-being of each child.